Indigo Bay Development one step closer

July 20, 2021 2:30 pm

The Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor, (VSA) Omar Ottley signed a scope of service agreement (SOS) with Indigo Shores Developments B. V. The SOS brings the vision of this luxurious hotel one step closer to reality.

The scope of service agreement ensures not only economical benefits for Sint Maarten but also the employment of our local labor force.

According to the SOS, Indigo Shores Developments B.V. agreed to hold job fairs that will take place on three occasions. The first one being at the start of the construction phase, followed by the finishing phase and operational phase.

The Developers also agreed to work along with the National Institute for professional Advancement (NIPA) to offer training opportunities for unskilled job seekers in the local labor market in Sint Maarten.

This will not only strengthen the current labor market but it will also ensure that the skilled labor resources of Sint Maarten increases.

Minister Ottley stated that he was happy when Indigo Shores Developments B.V. agreed to ensure the usage of local heavy equipment for their project, once they are readily available.

Indigo Shores Developments B.V. stated that preference will be allotted to the use of local machinery and trucks. These negotiations will commence once the project begins. This Development is estimated to create about 200 job opportunities and has an operational arrangement with the Government of St. Maarten under the auspices of VSA, which guarantees that the majority of employment goes to the local labor force.