Reminder to driving schools, instructors and existing and prospective students

July 2, 2020 2:00 am
The Inspectorate of the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (Ministry TEATT), would like to remind all driving schools, instructors and existing and prospective students of the following. Every business should have a COVID-19 Prevention & Safety Plan. The Government of Sint Maarten has issued Guidelines to assist business to prepare their own COVID-19 Prevention and Safety Plan. These guidelines can be found on the government's main webpage, click on 'Laws and National Gazette' and select the year '2020'. The document is entitled, "Final Guidelines to prepare COVID-19 Prevention and Safety Plan for Business". Given that the vehicles used by driving schools are in high use and have high touch areas it is strongly encouraged that driving schools sanitize their vehicles after every use. Students should ensure that they have hand sanitizers on their person as well. Face coverings should be worn inside the vehicle while lessons are being given. Schools and instructors should rearrange their classroom setting to ensure social distance and proper sanitation protocols are followed including the supply of hand sanitizers in the classroom. Face coverings should be worn when reporting to the department for your appointed theoretical/practical exams. Please report for your examination a maximum of 15 minutes before your appointed time and not earlier to ensure adequate social distancing. Walk-ins are not being accepted at the Driving Examinations office. Examiners will not administer exams if candidates do not wear masks or sanitize their hands before commencing the examination (theoretical or practical). Good cough etiquette must be practiced at all times. Persons exhibiting flu-like symptoms will not be allowed to take the theoretical or the practical exam and will be asked to leave and contact their physician. It is the responsibility of the driving instructor/school to educate their students on the house rules of the department to the student. This has been shared with the instructors/schools previously. Lastly, the department?s objective is to promote a safe, hygienic working atmosphere for all concerned and looks forward to a continued cooperative relationship with driving schools, instructors, and the driving student population at large. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the department at 542-5641/527-3825 or email at Source: