CPS gives COVID-19 Safety Preventive Measures to 225 Construction Workers of Bouygues Construction

May 25, 2020 2:00 am
The construction sector is one area that could restart works in the week of May 11 phase 1 based on the four-phased de-escalation Economic Re-opening Plan. This was enacted as local COVID-19 transmission numbers came down. Every workplace must have a system of Safe Management measures, to prevent the re-emergence of community cases. On May 16, nurses from the Collective Prevention Services (CPS), a government department under the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour, namely, Nadine Richardson, Shardina Blomont-Frederick, and Alicia Torres and Valone Adams (volunteers), carried out their fifth COVID-19 safety preventive measures information session at the Bouygues Construction site at Pelican Key. The health and safety of the nation remains a top priority for CPS. The topics discussed was: what is COVID-19; the origin of COVID-19; signs and symptoms of COVID-19; the differences between isolation and quarantine; what you should do if you suspect you have COVID-19; why it is important to maintain the two meter social distancing; how to prevent contracting COVID-19 by avoiding touching M.E.N. (M=Mouth, E=Eye, N=Nose); proper usage and disposal of masks (surgical, cloth, N95); and the proper way to wash and sanitize your hands. During the information sessions, information was also provided about why it is important to clean surfaces, door handles and telephones; and about the importance of removing jewelry and watches before washing your hands. Pierre, Safety Manager at the construction site in Pelican Key, said that he ensures that all measures are taken to protect the workers and other persons that are at the work site, and that these measures are also maintained at their living quarters. CPS urges businesses to implement safe management practices that will support the safe and gradual resumption of normal economic activities based on the de-escalation plan of the Government of Sint Maarten. The aforementioned adherence and compliance to safety measures at the workplace supports businesses and creates a safe work environment for employees and customers with the aim to stop the spread of COVID-19 and any infectious disease. We all must uphold good health and hygiene practices during this COVID-19 crisis. PHOTO'S: Construction workers in a classroom setting being informed by CPS officials about how to protect themselves from getting COVID-19. Source: sintmaartengov.org