Labor Affairs Unit to register SSRP Business Payroll - Labor Disputes

June 28, 2020 5:00 pm
POND ISLAND -- Division Labor Affairs & Social Services to host mass intake registration drive for employees who have not received their rightful salary payment in line with the SSRP Business Payroll Support Program launched by the Government of Sint Maarten in May 2020. The SSRP Business Payroll Support is an initiative put in place to assist eligible businesses who have suffered income loss due to the pandemic - COVID 2019. Businesses ( the employer) are obligated to uphold the conditions of the labor agreements with employees, which therefore includes the full salary due to the employees. Employees who wish to register a labor dispute for lack of salary payment or reduced salary payments, from their employers for whom Business Payroll support was approved, are invited to report to the Labor Affairs unit to register this labor dispute. Employees are required to have a valid form of identification, a copy of their contract, collective labor agreementĀ  (if applicable), most recent payslips, and any other documents and or letter received from their employer regarding this very important matter. The dates of the registration drive are set for Thursday, July 2, 2020, and Friday, July 3, 2020, from 1PM to 4PM at the ground floor offices of the Labor Division. All hands will be on deck to assist where necessary and to answer any pertinent questions that the registrants may have regarding their rights and responsibilities as employees. In addition, Social Services will be available to assist with Legal Aid, in those cases where mediation has failed to arrive at an amicable solution between parties. Source: