New Management Team at Prison

July 24, 2020 3:30 am
POINT BLANCHE -- In efforts to gain stability and a stern handle at the Prison and Detention Center at Point Blanche, the Minister of Justice, Anna E. Richardson, has introduced a new Management Team. This new management team consists of the new Acting Director Mr. A. Bell, Ms. I. Arrindell, and Mr. H. Concincion. Mr. Bell has over twenty (20) years of experience within our local prison system and has held various positions. He has also trained i.a. prison guards at the Sint Maarten Justice Academy where he was an instructor. Mr. Bell has diplomas and certificates in middle management, international coaching, quality management, and is a certified quality analyst. Additionally, he has knowledge of (prison) system planning of new structures. Ms. Arrindell is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background and experience in finance, business, and human resources. She was a former minister of TEATT and has been a civil servant for more than ten (10) years. She has also worked in the Ministry of Justice were she held various senior positions. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource and Organization Management and holds multiple certificates in management, human resources, and quality management. Mr. Concincion has over twenty-five (25) years of service within the Sint Maarten Prison System, is exceptionally disciplined, and has a no-nonsense mentality. He has an extensive array of diplomas and certificates that range from handling firearms, advanced coaching and supervision, rehabilitation, treatment and social skills training, extraordinary police officer, and life skills courses for offenders. The new management team is aware of the enormous and daunting challenges placed before them. However, they are optimistic that these challenges can be overcome. They are determined to face them with confidence, knowing they have the support of their colleagues. Acting prison director Bell and his team will roll out a six (6) month plan of action that is geared to improve various sectors of the prison and its operation. Since human capital represents the most valuable asset of an organization, Mr. Bell - with his certified instructor's background - will personally guide some staff members through the final levels of their certification and provide others with refresher courses. The Voluntary Corps of Sint Maarten (VKS) force has been assisting at the prison for some time, for which Minister Richardson is highly appreciative. To strengthen their knowledge, skills, and overall support to the prison guards. Mr. Bell will also be including the VKS members in the trainings to ensure maximum and optimal security and service with the inmates and aims to develop a stronger working relationship between the guards and VKS members. Mr. Bell's predecessor, Rikson Martina, will soon be taking up another managerial position within the prison sector. In April of this year, Mr. Martina celebrated over thirty years in service at the prison and to the Government of Sint Maarten. Minister Richardson thanked Mr. Martina for his best efforts while he held the position of interim director at the Point Blanche Prison. Mr. Martina has maintained a high level of professionalism and is enthusiastic to serve at a high level within the prison system. Source: