Private Psychological Practices of APAP are available to provide support

May 1, 2020 9:00 pm
APAP, Association of Psychologists and Allied Professionals St. Maarten, would like to inform the general public that the private Psychological Practices of APAP members are available and currently offering their services online and/or by phone. We have noticed that in general in the last years an increase in request for psychological support and treatment has been seen. With the COVID-19 worldwide situation, and the current preventive measurements taken on St. Maarten, APAP would like to ensure that the psychological professionals are available and discussed the options with their relevant members. Online therapy has been proven to be an effective alternative to person to person consultation if needed and can also include specialized techniques, like CBT, EMDR and/or mindfulness. There are several options for (video) calling in a safe and secure manner. For the private practices the following guideline has been set in place: If you have an appointment scheduled with one of the relevant psychologists or if you are referred by your general practitioner to make an appointment, please contact the psychologist by telephone, email or WhatsApp (see contact information below). You need for the first session with a psychologist a referral from general practitioner to have it covered by your insurance. If you don't have a referral and you would like one, you can contact your general practitioner by phone and request an online referral. After this you can contact one of the psychologist below. You will then receive information on when your appointment can be scheduled as well as on which method will be used that is convenient for you and the involved psychologist. For the organizations where other member psychologists are working we refer you to the guidelines made by those organizations about contact with their psychologist. For further information to get in contact with the available private practices: PCTC: Psychological Consultation & Treatment Center: Carmencita Chemont Phone number / Whatsapp: +1721 5801977 Email: Intervision: Alexandra van Luyken Phone number / Whatsapp: +1721 5883050 Email: Resilience Psychology: Miranda Veltman Phone number / Whatsapp: +1721 5803114 Email: CVO Psychology: Caroline van Oost Phone number / Whatsapp: +1721 5541744 Email: Source: