The Ministry of VROMI Commences Vehicle Wreck Inventory of Parcel 1

October 28, 2021 5:30 pm

The Ministry of VROMI commenced the inventory phase of the Vehicle Wreck Cleanup Project as of October 26, 2021. The ministry comprised a task force with personnel from the Public Works and the Inspection Department to identify, tag, and register wrecks within Parcel 1 -Philipsburg with boundaries starting from the Methodist cemetery to St. Bernard Bridge up to the Freedom Fighters roundabout at Sundial High School and including the Point Blanche area. The identification of wrecks is in accordance with article 1 clause h. of the Waste Ordinance AB, 2013, GT no. 135.

The second phase of the project will consist of the removal of identified wrecks and is scheduled to commence in November. The removal of wrecks by the Government is in accordance with the law, as wrecks are considered as garbage.

The project will tackle all identified wrecks visible from and/or located on the public road and Government property. The complete inventory of wrecks is projected to span over a few weeks. The Ministry aims to complete the inventory and removal of vehicle wrecks on public property in all districts by Q1 of 2022, permitting the absence of unforeseen obstacles.

An official publication informing the public of the process of the removal phase and the opportunity to dispose of wrecks will be publicized in the National Gazette and local media outlets in accordance with article 24 of the Waste Ordinance.

Proprietors of wrecks that are located on public property will be provisioned with a two week grace period effective on the date of the publication in the National Gazette to remove and store their wrecks in an appropriate location as described in article 23 of the Waste Ordinance.

Wrecks collected after the grace period will not be eligible for retrieval and will be processed for proper disposal.