The Minister of VROMI Hon Egbert Doran recently approved the overarching country-wide Spatial Development Strategy (2030)

September 8, 2022 9:00 pm
?The Spatial Development Strategy ( 2030) is a policy document, which sets the bases and provides guidelines for the drafting of more detailed policies and legislation on spatial planning such as zoning plans.

At the moment it doesn?t demand any strict requirements pertaining to how space (land) may be used or developed, however, the strategy describes the spatial development vision for Sint Maarten and suggests a number of strategic proposals on how spatial planning can be regulated in a more sustainable manner taking the environment, economy and social domain into account.

The strategy includes different maps on which these strategic proposals are visualized.

This means that when new development projects are proposed, all interests involved (economic, nature, and social aspects) need to be weighed in order to make decisions that will guarantee a sustainable quality of life for the future.

?Land is becoming limited, I strongly believe, and I am a proponent of having taller buildings because we can make more use of the space that we have, we must however do this in a responsible manner, whereas zoning plays an important role. Approving the spatial Development Strategy is in line with this. It also allows more people to get land. Said Minister Doran.

The main intention of the document is to create awareness of the need for a holistic approach when developing the country of Sint Maarten.?