The Department of Communication will premiere a short informative video in their Environmental Series on the topic of the s

December 15, 2021 2:30 pm

DCOMM spoke to the Nature Foundation St. Maarten, Customs Department, and the Coast Guard on the conservation and protection of sea turtles. 

The 10-minute, informative video, that will be uploaded on Facebook and YouTube, provides illuminating info by Nature Foundation on the sea turtles around St. Maarten waters, their habitats, the laying of eggs and the intricacies involved, what the threats and dangers these sea creatures face, and what can the community do to protect the sea turtle. 

In terms of protection, DCOMM spoke to the law enforcement agencies about the safety, security, and protection of the sea turtle and the consequences when there are illegal infringements. In the special it is explained. 

The sea turtle special is intended to provide specific information to the community and to create an awareness of the need to conserve and protect the sea turtle in order to have a balanced ecosystem. 

In general, DCOMM Environmental Series is aimed at informing the general public about issues that affect the St. Maarten environment. The previous production was on the topic of the sargassum seaweed, which can be viewed online as well. 

The sea turtle special will be uploaded on the Government of St. Maarten Facebook/SXMGOV and YouTube Channel/Government of St. Maarten. 

The date and time of the premiere will be on Thursday, December 16, 2021, at 12 noon.