SSRP Helpdesk available at the Government Building for COVID-19 Unemployment Support

June 12, 2020 12:30 am
The Ministry of Finance would like to remind all of the SSRP applicants for COVID-19 Unemployment Support that the Helpdesk at the Government is open on Monday through Friday to help with applications for individuals who are unable to upload the requisite documents. Please come at 12:30 to receive a number and you will be assisted from 13:00 to 16:00. If you are having issues with uploading extra documents, please email them to with your full name and date of birth. Individuals who have submitted their applications are asked to check their junk emails as correspondence between the applicant and SMDF may have been filtered to their junk email. Please take a moment to read the criteria for the two stimulus supports being executed by The St. Maarten Development Fund. Applicants can only receive one type of stimulus support. The criteria for COVID-19 Unemployment Support is: - You must have been working on the Dutch Side of Sint Maarten where you became unemployed because of COVID-19. - You can prove the unemployment status as a result of COVID-19. - You have a valid local bank account number. - You have a local ID or Dutch Passport. The criteria for Income Support is: - Legally registered as a Sole Proprietor or have a permit for public vending (of any kind) or public transportation. - You do not have employees and you are not a part of payroll. - You have updated Tax Declaration Forms. - You have a valid local bank account number. The deadline for both Payroll Support and Income Support has been extended to June 22nd. Please apply as soon as possible and avoid delays in payment. For all updates and information regarding the SSRP, please visit our website at Source: