Sint Maarten announces partnership with GridMarket and the Island Resilience Partnership to achieve key energy and carbon goals

August 11, 2021 1:00 pm

Sint Maarten will leverage the GridMarket platform to transition away from diesel dependence and create a sustainable, resilient, low cost energy future

New York, August 2021 -- GridMarket, Sint Maarten, and Island Resilience Partnership (IRP) are thrilled to announce a public private partnership dedicated to helping Sint Maarten transition to clean, resilient, and affordable energy generation. Sint Maarten joins the Independent State of Samoa, the Kingdom of Tonga, and other governments around the world that have joined IRP and are leveraging the GridMarket platform to achieve their energy goals.

?In the midst of the climate crisis and global pandemic, it is imperative that governments strengthen the resilience of their infrastructure, economies, and public health,? said Sint Maarten Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs. ?Through this partnership, we are accelerating our transition to a distributed, affordable, and clean energy future with a committed and coordinated approach across all government agencies to expedite the successful completion of this initiative?delivering tremendous benefits to all Sint Maarten citizens and businesses. The GridMarket platform offers a streamlined, comprehensive approach to advancing our national targets and achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By joining the Island Resilience Partnership, we are creating a better future for everyone who lives on and visits our beautiful island.?

As detailed in the executed memorandum of understanding, Sint Maarten will work with GridMarket and IRP to identify, design, procure, and install distributed energy assets and make corresponding infrastructure upgrades. The partnership was created to help the island rapidly reach its key energy goals by deploying an optimized mix of energy solutions for the lowest economic cost. Its inaugural public-private partnership with the Independent State of Samoa originated at the SAMOA Pathway Inter-Regional Summit in 2018. It has since expanded to support energy transformations for other islands and coastal communities around the world.

?We are honored that Sint Maarten has joined the Island Resilience Partnership, a demonstration of its climate leadership and commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals,? said Matt Tranchin, Executive Director of the IRP. ?In order to accelerate and optimize the global transition to renewable and resilient infrastructure, we must provide governments with risk-free, scalable solutions. But political will is a prerequisite for transformative change. That?s why the IRP is proud to partner with Prime Minister Jacobs and the Council of Ministers who are committed to achieving climate goals, while reducing the cost of energy for the citizens of Sint Maarten.?

GridMarket will facilitate and procure a turnkey solution that will provide the national utility, NV GEBE, with a comprehensive grid optimization plan and country-wide transition to renewable, resilient, and distributed energy. Last week, focal points from GridMarket, IRP, GEBE, VROMI, TEATT, and the Ministry of General Affairs convened the first stakeholder meeting which is aggregating data and key information from the utility and government, while outlining goals and metrics to ensure success for the people of Sint Maarten. The transformation will align with the Build-Back-Better principle, allowing Sint Maarten to be resilient in the face of future natural disasters and accelerate its long-term climate mitigation and adaptation goals. All phases of this initiative, including final project bidding and vendor selection, will flow through the GridMarket platform.

?GridMarket is honored to be entering into this formal partnership with Sint Maarten as their chosen strategic energy partner,? said Peter Schneider, Director of Sales and Project Management at GridMarket. ?By using sophisticated digital analysis, artificial intelligence, and a granular building-by-building approach, we are able to create energy transformation plans that open up capital markets to leverage economies of scale and give our partners the greatest value from their unique opportunity. We are excited to apply our proven methodology in Sint Maarten as we coordinate the government?s procurement process and work with leading independent power producers and financial institutions to bring resilient, low-cost energy to the island.?

The model being used in Sint Maarten has been proven in other island nations, across commercial property portfolios, and for targeted, discrete regions around the world. Together with Sint Maarten government officials and the local utility, GridMarket?s innovative assessment tool will identify the optimal mix of technologies from the broader market to meet Sint Maarten?s unique needs. The platform is technology and vendor agnostic, making it a trusted tool for running the government?s procurement process and navigating energy decisions to secure the most valuable, cost-effective options. Most island nations have received and reviewed individual renewable energy proposals, but the GridMarket difference lies in the holistic approach, next-generation digital capabilities, and collective dedication to success. As shown in Samoa, relationships transcend traditional business, as all partners are committed to climate action, resiliency, and energy independence.

?When the Independent State of Samoa formed its partnership with GridMarket and the Island Resilience Partnership, it was a demonstration of our faith in the process because not only were we committed to achieving our national energy goals, but developing a 'genuine, durable partnership' based on mutual trust, shared responsibility and accountability,? said High Commissioner Feturi Elisaia. ?We knew this partnership could be a model for other island governments around the world to adapt and emulate, which was always our unspoken wish. It is humbling to see our proven partnership in the Pacific being warmly welcomed in its new home in the Caribbean. I congratulate the

government of Sint Maarten for its climate leadership and our innovative partners for building upon Samoa's success."

Sint Maarten?s official partnership was announced at the SC1.5NCE NOT SILENCE Forum on Friday, July 16th. The forum was organized by the Island Resilience Partnership as an official side event of the United Nations High Level Political Forum.

To join the Island Resilience Partnership, please click here. To learn more about GridMarket?s work with island nations, please click here.