Road closure at the A. T. Illidge Road, Pump Pit 2, in Dutch Quarter

June 27, 2024 7:29 pm

Works will be carried out on the A. T. Illidge road on Pump pit 2 for the Dutch Quarter sewerage project. 

The following works is part of the Dutch Quarter Sewerage project. This project includes the various works such as: 
Cutting and excavation works of road pavement and trenches.
Demolishing part of the road.
Demolishing and removing the old pump pit 2.
Backfilling demolished pump pit 2.
Installing sewerage pits and sewerage pipes as well as sewerage pressure lines.
Possible electrical, water and fiber utilities.
Backfill and compact trenches and pits.
Installing road pavement and sidewalks.

The works are to be carried out by the contractor Windward Roads B.V. The works will primarily focus on the new pumping station, removal of the sub-station, pump pit 2 on the A. T. Illidge Road. These works entail excavation and placement of sewer lines in the A. T. Illidge Road.  There is a road closure on the A. T. Illidge Road, at the entrance of Nazareth Road. 

The A. T. Illadge Road is a busy road with a lot of traffic, which means that the works will be executed in the area of pump pit 2 which occupies the whole width of the A. T. Iliidge Road at the location of the corner with the Nazareth Road and is located directly under the road. The demolition of the pump pit 2 will cause blockage of the whole width of the road. This means that the traffic will be unable to pass through on either side of the road. Traffic on the main road will have to make use of the Middle region road. 

Residence on the Western side in the area can make use of the bypass that leads from Nazareth Road through George Clement De Weever drive and Montevideo drive to Union Farm. 
Residence on the Eastern side in the area can make use of the bypass that leads from Caines Drive through a passage to Quilleter Drive.

We urge all motorist to drive with caution during the execution of works. The work is scheduled to last approximately a period of 4 weeks and will commence from Tuesday July 2th, 2024.  Figure 1 depicts the zone and trajectory of where the activities are to take place. 

The Ministry of VROMI is urging the motorist and the public to proceed with care and caution duration the work hours. All businesses along the main road will remain open and accessible to the public. Proper street lighting will also be put in effect to ensure safety to the community.

The Ministry of VROMI/ Department of New Projects on behalf of the Government of St. Maarten would like to thank everyone for their patience during the execution of works. The information will be updated when necessary to any changes on the Ministry of VROMI Facebook Page and the Government information page.