Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs recovering from a minor incident

October 8, 2021 10:30 pm

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs recovering from a minor incident


SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) - Today, the Honorable Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs, during her morning bike ride, took a fall which caused minor injuries to her face and a broken finger. After a thorough check, all scans were normal and she is expected to make a full recovery. As such, Prime Minister Jacobs will be working from home for the coming days. 


?I am not deterred by this setback (fall). I will get back on my bike. I will ride again. I will continue to eat healthy and feed my mind with healthy, positive thoughts. Health is defined by what we eat, think and do. Let?s all refocus our energies and build a healthy St. Maarten.? Prime Minister Jacobs expressed.


Prime Minister Jacobs hereby reminds the general public that this Sunday, October 10, is the 11th anniversary of 10-10-10, also known as Constitution Day. This National Holiday will be celebrated on Monday, October 11, with a virtual commemoration under the theme ?Building the Nation, Investing in our Future?, at 10:00 am via SXMGOV Facebook & YouTube pages.


?Let us put our hands, hearts, and energy together to build St. Maarten into a healthier, more innovative and resilient country. Every individual, Government, Parliament, High Councils, Advisory bodies, NGOs, and Civil Society Organizations all have a role to play. Today is that day to make the difference. It is up to all of us,? Prime Minister Jacobs concluded.