Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs 2021 Christmas Address ~ HOPE

December 24, 2021 4:30 pm

It is with a sense of gratitude, honor, and HOPE, that I greet you this Christmas Season. This Christmas season 2021 sees us moving away from the uncertainty in 2021 towards the opportunities for growth and prosperity in 2022.

Every Christmas is special, and this one is no exception. The power of HOPE ? which is faith in things unseen, trusting in, or expecting something beneficial in the future. Having hope speaks to our attitude and outlook on life which will determine the outcome of our lives. ?Hope is an act of will!? Keeping in mind the reason for the season, and the embodiment of what it means to each of us, I take this time to wish a very blessed and Happy Christmas to my fellow citizens.

This Christmas, I strongly encourage you to 'lend a hand' in the spirit of volunteerism, to spread hope and cheer. Let's continue to show up for each other and gift what we really can't put a price on 'our time'. I also implore everyone to continue in this same vein all year around, as we genuinely continue to build a great nation.

To those who are present with us for Christmas, welcome home, be safe and enjoy the heartfelt sentiments of being with family and close friends for the holidays. For those of you unable to be home for Christmas, I pray and hope that the spirit of a S?Maatin Christmas finds and remains with you, and that you can share it with your friends and loved ones wherever you may be.

To our students, who are not able make it home for this Christmas, whilst you continue to pursue your dreams, I send you special blessings for the holidays. We recognize your commitment and sacrifice towards the pursuit of your dreams and my hope is that love surrounds you this Christmas.

To those who have travelled for medical intervention and are now abroad throughout the season. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I understand that it is a difficult time, and this is exactly the time when you need to remember that hope and gratitude is your friend. Give thanks for life and be hopeful for a full recovery to return safely home in the bosom of your family and friends.

For those who may be facing loss of loved ones, family and friends, know that you are not alone and that this too shall pass and that no matter what - giving up HOPE is not an option. You are stronger than you know, and perspective is everything. We never know what we can face until we have to. In time, you will look back, and realize that you made it through.

Choose to live, love, forgive and take the next step. Acknowledging your pain, allowing yourself time to heal, but remember that joy comes in the morning, and with faith and hope all suffering can be overcome. Indeed, the holidays are special, whoever you are and whatever you have gone through this year, this particular time of the year, Christmas, has the power to remind us that in all our trials and difficulties, there is so much to be grateful for, and there is still good in this world. It is the spirit of giving, the season of love, and, most importantly, a time which represents HOPE to the world.

While we gather with friends and family this year in the spirit of Christmas, let us be reminded that COVID-19 is still a threat and that we must celebrate safely. Take this time to show gratitude as a nation for God's blessings ? gratitude for life, love, family, health, blessings, and lessons from which we can grow.

On behalf of the Government of St. Maarten, I wish you Hope, Joy, Health, and Love this holiday season. Happy Holidays and a safe & Merry Christmas. May God continue to bless St. Maarten and her people wherever they may be.