Prime Minister Jacobs spearheads electoral reform survey

August 3, 2022 7:30 pm
First steps taken in nation building movement The Ministry of General Affairs has been working diligently to provide framework for its new campaign on electoral reform. The project is a multipronged approach, including collecting data on public input, assessing information, and providing feedback for the people of Sint Maarten. As such, a survey was created so that the people of Sint Maarten can access, as well provide input in electoral reform. This survey is the first step, which is the gathering of data. Subsequently, there will be district townhalls set up over the course of this month, providing an even greater opportunity for opinions to be heard. Further information on the townhalls will be provided soon. ?We would like to encourage the public to use their voice and fill out the survey. With the information collected we can then ascertain a full scope for policy development. This was one of the platforms I personally championed, and I am very pleased to see it come to fruition. It is imperative that we focus on the importance of nation building as we move forward with legislation. I urge the public to participate in and fill out the survey, no matter what their political views. This is an opportunity to be heard on a platform where it matters.? said Prime Minister Jacobs. The survey can be accessed on the Government?s Facebook Like Page, on the Prime Minister?s Facebook Like Page, as well as directly at the website, Source: