Prime Minister Jacobs Not Involved in Any Investigation

October 29, 2021 3:00 pm

In response to alleged rumors brought forth by a Member of Parliament, Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs hereby states the following.

"It is unfortunate that rendering a response to this far-fetched request would lend a semblance of credibility to it. It?s clear we?ve reached a new political low when the people?s representative have no regard for the effects of their insinuations on persons or children, simply for them to gain political mileage and cause political unrest.

"Let me unequivocally state that neither the office of the Prime Minister nor my person is involved in any investigation."

"As Prime Minister and leader of Sint Maarten, I hope that I can, through my actions, be a part of ushering in new ideas and perspectives on how we Integrally address these types of situations."