Prime Minister Jacobs International Day for the Elderly Message

October 2, 2021 1:30 pm

A Happy International Day for the elderly is wished to all seniors. After a lifetime of taking care of your homes, families and growing our community, we are honored to celebrate you today, though you deserve so much more. Your willingness to pass on your knowledge and your wisdom to the younger generation and the generations to come has led to the growth and development of our nation. Keep on living a vibrant life, enjoying every day the blessings of a long life.


We are living in a time, that our senior's health is most at risk, due to COVID-19 and the way it impacts the elderly. It is therefore important that we continue to commit to pursuing policies that ensure inclusivity, and the health and safety of our most vulnerable in our community; our seniors.


To our community, continue to care for each senior as you would your own kin. Spend time and listen to their stories as they treasure the memories of their youth. If you are going to the grocery store, call and ask a senior if they need anything. Find out how you can be a helping hand to your senior neighbors and relatives or ask them if they need of a prescription filled at the local pharmacy. Always pay it forward because we owe our seniors everything.


To all civil society organizations, White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation WYCCF, all the caregivers, family and friends, thank you for the time, fun, activities, food and love you give to our elderly every day. Your dedication to our elderly is priceless.


As I mentioned to a couple of spunky ladies celebrating with their peers at the Senior Citizens Recreational Center in Hope Estate today, ?I want to be just like you when I grow up. Stay active and celebrate every minute of your lives!?


Happy International Day for the Elderly!