Prime Minister attends launching of National Development Vision

July 17, 2020 2:00 am
PHILIPSBURG -- The National Development Vision (NDV) 2020-2030 'The Nation Building Project', was presented to Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs and the President of Parliament Rolando Brison on Thursday afternoon at the Government Administration Building. Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs said on Thursday afternoon in her address to those present that, "you need us, and we need you, so let's do it together for Sint Maarten." The key underlying objective of the NDV is the transformation of Sint Maarten into a compassionate, strong, and decisive country that will be economically resilient and capable of sustaining its own development and providing an enhanced quality of life and well-being for generations to come. The vision will be achieved together with the input of the private sector and key Non-Governmental Organizations in developing the outline for the strategic direction towards the implementation of the National Development Vision 2021-2030. The series postponed - due to COVID-19 national emergency -  high-level retreat will serve the purpose of preparing a strategic report as an integral part of the final Sint Maarten National Development Vision 2030. The presentation of the NDV was made by representatives from the Department of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations (BAK), a policy executing agency within the Ministry of General Affairs. BAK representatives during their presentation stated that the NDV can only be achieved with the important input of the public. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) worked with BAK in guiding the process for national development planning, founded on an all-inclusive and participatory approach. In 2017 a Baseline study was conducted to serve as a point of departure in formulating a National Development Vision. The document has already been presented to the Council of Ministers as a long-term Vision and will serve as a guide for the Government's four-year Government Programs (GP) in prioritizing yearly programs/projects within their financial range (Annual Budget). The Vision document will also curb the effects of limited or no collaboration among government ministries and institutions. According to the document, "The importance of a national long-term development philosophy and direction and development policies and strategies to adequately respond to changes in the domestic socio-economic conditions as well as market conditions in the regional and world economy and adapt to changes is more than ever imperative." "The NDV aims to guide the development process taking into consideration the current and future needs of all our citizens. As the country's vision and strategic framework for Sint Maarten's development to 2030 is outlined and the key development themes and visionary goals defined current and future Governing Programs will continue to function as multi-annual plans addressing the more immediate, short-term strategic interventions but at the same time laying the groundwork to achieve the long-term National Development Vision of Sint Maarten." PHOTO CUTLINE: Hensley Plantijn (L), Secretary-General of the Ministry of General Affairs, and Prime Minister/Minister of General Affairs Silveria Jacobs (R). Source: