Nightlife Entertainment Businesses Can Stay Open Until 3:00 AM as of Friday Night

November 5, 2021 3:30 pm

A ministerial decree regulating the opening times of nightlife entertainment businesses until 3:00 AM will be signed on Friday, November 5 and published on said date.

As of Friday night, nightlife entertainment businesses can stay open until 3:00 AM in the morning, subject to the business license.

Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (Ministry TEATT) Hon. Roger Lawrence said on Wednesday that based on his collaboration with the Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labour (Minister of VSA), in reviewing the current COVID-19 trend and trajectory, the decision was taken to extend the opening hours of the nightlife entertainment sector.

Minister Lawrence acknowledges the importance of the entertainment industry and its contribution to the economy and also would like to remind everyone to participate responsibly.

The nightlife entertainment businesses will have to follow their COVID-19 Safe Framework business re-opening workplace plans that were submitted in the summer of 2020 regarding daily operations as well current updated agreements to ensure public health safety.