National Development Vision (NDV) now online

July 24, 2020 3:30 am
The National Development Vision 2020-2030, developed from the National Development Plan/Project, is now available online on the Government of Sint Maarten website. The Department of  The Interior and Kingdom Relations, BAK, has made the document public for the entire public to have access and peruse the document and provide their input. BAK the general community to make use of the opportunity to review the draft National Development Vision and provide their perspective on this important document that will serve as the guide to the developmental goals of St. Maarten for the coming years. Presentations and community outreach will take place in the coming weeks to ensure an inclusive process to derive to a National Development Vision that can be broadly carried. The objective of the NDV is the transformation of Sint Maarten into a compassionate, strong and decisive country that will be economically resilient and capable of sustaining its own development and providing an enhanced quality of life and well-being for generations to come. For access, please visit the Government's webpage under the BAK section: of Interior-and-Kingdom-Relations-BAK/Pages/National-Development-Vision.aspx and also on the homepage of the Ministry of General Affairs (AZ): Source: