Ministry VSA, TEATT and Justice collaborate to conduct inspection of COVID-19 protocols; zero tolerance

August 19, 2021 4:00 pm

On August 18th 2021; an urgent meeting was held with the Minister of VSA, the head of Inspection and Secretary General of the Ministry of TEATT.

In an effort to ensure compliance with the COVID- 19 protocols within businesses, the Ministry of VSA, TEATT and Justice have joined forced to ensure maximum compliance.

Approaching the end of lockdown in 2020, businesses were required to enforce COVID-19 protocols for reopening (Annex A COVID-19 guidelines for businesses), the guidelines for these protocols were provided by Government and can be found on

The Minister believes that strict enforcement of these measures will aid in preventing the spread of COVID-19, along with the scale back of Nightlife business hours, which is currently in effect. Ottley emphasized that there will be a zero tolerance approach for violators, whereby businesses will be penalized by monetary fines or in extreme cases, closure of business.

These measures have been available to the Public and business communities for over one (1) year, yet it seems as though some

business have become complacent and measures have been disregarded, stated Minister Ottley.