May 9, 2020 5:00 pm
The council of ministers decided in a meeting on Wednesday, May 6th that they would cut their salaries by 20%. Before the financial impact of COVID-19, Parliamentarians and Ministers had already agreed to a 10% cut on their salary in February. During the budget debate, MP Ludmila Duncan had her motion approved for an additional 5%. During the meeting on Wednesday, the Council of Ministers agreed on an additional 5%, bringing the salary cuts to a total of 20%. It was also agreed that there would be budget cuts across the board for Parliamentarians and Ministers alike. The government is currently making as many cuts as possible in every area of the budget. There has been an increase in spending on areas related to COVID-19. The government is maintaining that taking care of the most vulnerable in our community is still a top priority. The bulk of the current spending is focused on stimulus relief, food security, and health. Source: