Minister Ottley commenced his ? Anti-Gang and positivity advice? school tour at St. Dominic High

June 9, 2022 4:31 pm

On Tuesday June 10th, the Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor, Omar Ottley commenced his ?Anti-gang and positivity advice? school tour. Minister Ottley had the honor to speak to the students of the St. Dominic high school. He was joined by members of the Community Development Family and Humanitarian Affairs and Ex detainee turned entrepreneur, singer and social activist, Mr. Kerry Wilson. Minister Ottley began with some brief remarks for the students, encouraging them to be themselves and follow their dreams despite how crazy it may sound to others. ?If others do not see your vision that?s ok, because God allows you to see it and maybe others are only meant to see the results.? Ottley said .

After his brief introduction, the Minister handed the floor to his co host Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson shared the harsh realities of being inside the Point Blanche prison, what lead him to the streets and a life of crime. He explained the students that he now sees that it was not worth it. He missed out on many years of his life and hurt many of his love ones in the process. Mr. Wilson shared his goals and aspirations to create a legit music and film company on St.Maarten. He occupies his time by attending boxing classes and voice training lessons. ?I have been free for 5 years and I can honestly say that I have not committed one crime since my release. There are times when I may not even eat everyday because my situation is rough, but I remain focus and remind myself that God has a bigger purpose for me.? Said wilson.

Minister Ottley, his Ministry and Mr. Wilson plan to continue their school tour with the hopes of changing at least one life, one day at a

time. ?If each time our message convinces just one person to change, then our job was a success.? Said both Ottley and Wilson.