Minister of TEATT received Financial Statements of BTP with unqualified opinion from SOAB

November 5, 2021 3:30 pm

On November 4st, 2021, the honorable Minister of TEATT, Mr. Roger Lawrence, received the 2018 financial statements including the audit report of SOAB form Bureau Telecommunications and Post Sint Maarten (BTP) and Stichting Overheids Accountant Bureau (SOAB) at the ministers office.

The audit report for the 2018 fiscal year that was handed over to the minister was unqualified, meaning the financial statements give a true and fair view which is a milestone for BTP which was under severe scrutiny after the 2015 audit report of the General Audit Chamber and more recent events involving the dismissed Director.

When the minister took office, he made it a priority to ensure that all governmental entities/ ZBO?s under his helm were or become fully compliant with general accounting principles and corporate governance procedures and obligations. Minister Lawrence is highly elated with BTP?s un-qualified financial statement for the year 2018. The minister stated: ?I?m very happy with the progress that BTP is making, and the positive outcome of the SOAB audit report. It indicates that BTP is on the right trajectory to restore trust in our society. To further build and strengthen this great nation, we need to make ongoing efforts to ensure that governmental entities are fully functioning, show professionalism and set an example in our country. My administration will provide professional support to these entities, but also hold them accountable so we can be assured of the best possible services to our community?.

In closing the minister stated that the 2018 Financial Statements of BTP is a step in the right direction, but more work still needs to be done. To fully restore trust and to be fully compliant, we need to make it a priority that the audit reports for the remaining years be produced as soon as possible. The financial team at BTP can continue to count on the support of my cabinet to get this job done. Teamwork makes the dream work.