Minister of TEATT Lawrence: New Weather Radar Expected to be Operational by September

March 24, 2022 6:30 pm

Wednesday, March 23rd is World Meteorological Day (WMD) under the theme, ?Early Warning and Early Action,? with the spotlight on the vital importance of Hydrometeorological and Climate Information for Disaster Risk Reduction.

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), weather, climate and water extremes are becoming more frequent and intense in many parts of the world as a result of climate change.

?More of us are exposed than ever before to multiple related hazards, which are themselves evolving as a result of population growth, urbanization and environmental degradation.

?Forecasts of what the weather will BE are no longer enough. Impact-based forecasts that inform the public of what the weather will DO are vital to save lives and livelihoods. Yet one in three persons globally are still not adequately covered by early warning systems,? stated head of the MET Department Joseph Isaac.

Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunication Hon. Roger Lawrence stated on Wednesday that he would like to take this opportunity to recognize the work done by Meteorological Department Sint Maarten (MDS) in keeping the community informed daily on hydrometeorological events that may affect our area and wishes them a Happy World Meteorological Day.

The Government is in the process of establishing a weather radar at St. Peter?s Hill. ?It is a pleasure to announce and give an update that the physical works towards the installation of a new radar will start this week,? stated Isaac.

The new radar will enhance the Meteorological Department?s capability for early warning and early action not only here in Sint Maarten but across the region.  The new weather radar project is being made possible with the collaboration of Collective of Saint-Martin and INTERREG. We expect baring any unexpected events that the products from the radar will be available by September this year in time for the peak period of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season.

?This development is significant for the country and is another tool that the Meteorological Department will have when issuing early warnings to the community during the upcoming hurricane season and throughout the year for any inclement weather events, to alert the public to take necessary action to save lives and protect property,? Minister of TEATT Hon. Roger Lawrence said on Wednesday.

WMO adds that greater coordination between national meteorological and hydrological services, disaster management authorities and development agencies is fundamental to better prevention, preparedness, and response.

The Met. Department is asking that all hikers in the St. Peters Hill area to avoid traversing the construction site as much as possible.