Minister Lewis thanks all for a wonderful graduation season

June 27, 2024 7:29 pm

Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport (ECYS) on Wednesday thanked everyone who had a hand in organizing the many graduation ceremonies that form part of what is now called "graduation season".

"As we come to the close of this remarkable graduation season, it is my honor to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have made this possible. First and foremost, our sincere thanks go to the school managers. Your visionary leadership and unwavering support have laid a strong foundation for the exceptional education we provide. Your commitment to fostering a nurturing environment where every student can thrive is truly commendable," the Minister said.

He continued: "To our esteemed teachers, words cannot fully express our appreciation for your dedication, passion, and hard work. You are the pillars of these institutions, shaping young minds with wisdom and patience. Your relentless pursuit of academic excellence and your ability to inspire and motivate our students are invaluable. Thank you for going above and beyond, day in and day out, to ensure the success and well-being of our students."

Minister Lewis also extended his gratitude to the supporting staff of the various educational institutions. "Your contributions, often unnoticed, are deeply appreciated and vital to our community," he concluded.​