Minister Lawrence: Destination Investment Confidence Continues to Scale Up

October 19, 2021 5:00 pm

Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (Minister TEATT) Hon. Roger Lawrence met with Divi Little Bay Beach Resort President Marco Galaverna and General Manager Anne-Marie Brooks on Saturday October 16th, who outlined the ongoing construction that will be completed in early 2022.

?We?re thrilled to add Oceans at Divi Little Bay to our Caribbean resort offerings starting on St. Maarten in early 2022,? said Marco Galaverna, President & COO of Divi Resorts. ?Since Hurricane Irma, the company has invested millions of dollars on improvements to Divi Little Bay, and our marketing and sales efforts over the last few years have shown the resiliency and popularity of the island continues to flourish and grow.?

Nearly 100 new rooms will be built at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort, which will create new employment opportunities, help drive destination demand, and boost the economy.

?There?s been a lot of buzz about our new buildings, and we?re excited to finally share the exciting news about our Oceans product,? explains Anne-Marie Brooks, General Manager at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort. ?Over the years, we?ve seen trends change, and our guests have requested additional special touches and services. Oceans at Divi Little Bay will deliver an upper-tier experience, adding further cache and employment to the island.?

?We want to be known as the number one destination in the Caribbean and in order to do so, we need role models who strongly believe in our country and who have the confidence to invest.

?We need to all move forward together, I applaud the Divi team for their outstanding vision and commitment in making our country the best it can be, you are an example,? stated Minister of TEATT Hon. Roger Lawrence.

This shows the optimism that investors have in the St. Maarten product, despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have companies who continue to find niches, invest, and create opportunities. Tourism in St. Maarten is on the rise.

With Tourism numbers rising we have to ensure that our destination continues to appeal to the investor?s market so that the destination can continue to grow, which will open opportunities for the island.