Minister Gumbs to Improve Working Conditions at Receiver’s Office

June 23, 2024 9:29 pm

If workers are to give of their best, they must also be given better working conditions. That was the opinion expressed by Minister of Finance Marinka Gumbs, after visiting the Receiver’s Office recently.

Accompanied by the Secretary General of Finance, Roxanne Howell, and her Chef de Cabinet, Nicole Marlin, the Minister discussed several issues currently affecting the Receiver’s Office, including employee safety, the lack of office furniture, and rebuilding of the Staff Canteen.

“Ensuring a safe working environment for the employees is of primary concern to me,” Minister Gumbs said. She emphasized the importance of addressing any safety hazards and implementing measures to protect the workforce.

The Minister and her delegation were told how the shortage of furniture has hindered the completion of the move of personnel to the new Receiver’s Office building. The Minister and her team reviewed the necessary steps to expedite the procurement and installation of the required furnishings to facilitate a smooth transition.

With regards to the construction of the canteen, Minister Gumbs stated that this facility is already included in the Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) plans and is intended to serve as a meeting area and a canteen for the staff. The Minister and her team discussed the timelines and plans to ensure that this project can start soon and meet the needs of the employees.

The Minister expressed gratitude for the hard work and dedication of the Receiver’s Office staff despite the less than optimum conditions they have been working under.​