Minister Doran meets with district cleaners

August 20, 2020 12:00 am
~ Encourages residents to follow Pre-hurricane cleanup schedule ~ PHILIPSBURG -- The Honorable Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment & Infrastructure, Mr. Egbert J. Doran, and staff members of the Department of Infrastructure Management, recently held a meeting with the directors of the district cleaners. The meeting was geared towards ascertaining the concerns and challenges experienced by the district cleaners as well as the expectations of the Ministry of VROMI. Most of the district cleaners were faced with similar challenges with one of their main concerns being the improper disposal of waste by residents. At the same time, the Minister expressed his concerns regarding the noticeable lack of use of protective shields, which can potentially cause damages to passing vehicles as well as pedestrians. Minister Doran stated that all trucks disposing of waste are to have the truck beds properly covered in order to avoid loose items from falling or flying onto the main roads. This form of littering creates a hazard to motorists, pedestrians, and the environment alike and is, therefore, being discouraged. In addition, the Minister advises motorists to be extra cautious in areas where district cleaners are at work and to seriously take their safety into consideration. Through this press release, the Minister also urges residents to monitor and take full advantage of the 2020 Pre-Hurricane Clean Up schedule as the peak of the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season quickly approaches. The cleanup is being executed by the garbage haulers of the designated districts. The garbage haulers will be collecting vegetative debris, construction and demolition debris, appliances and electronics as well as other hazardous household waste. Household trash and debris in private yards will not be collected by the haulers. Residents have to dispose of debris from their yard to the central bin locations as previously announced. The garbage haulers have placed central bins for a short period of time for residents to dispose of debris. Senior citizens and/or disabled persons in need of assistance during the cleanup should contact the phone numbers +1(721)5207023 or +1(721)5207028 at the Department of Infrastructure Management at the Ministry of VROMI. Minister Doran strongly advises residents to pay keen attention to the flyer with the cleanup schedule and to take responsibility to clean and maintain their surroundings. The flyer with the cleanup schedule is available on the Facebook pages of the Ministry of VROMI and the Government of Sint Maarten as well as in the local newspaper and other news outlets. If in the event that residents in certain areas realize that their garbage goes uncollected for a long period of time, they can contact the garbage hauler of their district or the Department of Infrastructure Management at the aforementioned phone numbers. Minister Doran wishes on behalf of the Government and the people of Sint Maarten, to express sincere gratitude towards these hardworking district cleaners and garbage haulers for their tireless efforts to ensure that the environment is kept clean. Minister Doran will be continuously updated by the directors of the district cleaners and also encourages the full cooperation of the residents during the preparation for any impending weather. "Only by collaborating all efforts will this cleanup become successful," the Minister said. Source: