Minister Doran clarifies Zoning Plan Process

December 1, 2021 7:30 pm
 The Honorable Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment & Infrastructure, Hon. Egbert Doran, stated that it is the intention of the new LV VROMI to present a more coherent country wide spatial plan to Members of Parliament to decide upon. The Minister stressed that the Members of Parliament will not be bypassed.

He further explained that the Council of Ministers will decide upon the spatial plans for smaller areas (zoning plans).

?The intention of the new process is to expedite the processes of establishing zoning plans in the future.

?A draft zoning plan must, by law, be presented to the public, and this will remain the same when the LV VROMI is established.  Government is not taking away any rights of the public.

?The people within our communities will continue to have the right to submit their objections to the plan. All objections, if submitted in the review period, are processed, and taken into consideration upon making the final zoning plans.

?I do hope this further explains the process as we work diligently in improving the system and services within the government organization and in particular within the Ministry of VROMI for the benefit of the general public,? Minister of VROMI Hon. Egbert Doran said.