Immigration and Border Protection Services Mobile Control Unit receives new uniform

December 14, 2021 1:00 pm

The Immigration and Border Protection Services Mobile Control Unit have received newly designed work uniforms on Monday, December 6th. The uniform change, which carries the organizational logo, were as a result of the decision taken to place the Border Protection and Mobile Unit under the leadership of IBPS and brand the division with its own identity. This initiative forms part of Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson?s goal to enhance the Ministry and its respective departments.

?For quite some time, I?ve been content with the design of the new uniforms. As such, I congratulate the Management Team of IBPS for seeing my vision through as we continue to enhance the ministry step by step,? stated Minister Richardson.

Within the next coming weeks, the workers at St. Maarten border points will receive new standard uniforms as the Ministry was already awaiting an order placed, however, these will be for a temporary period. In 2022, Minister Richardson intends to implement one standard uniform design for the entire IBPS division. The purchase of the newly designed uniforms was possible via funds received from the standing agreement between the governments of St. Maarten and the Netherlands on strengthening border control.