Fostering Resilient Crisis Management (FRCM) Welcome Cocktail Event

June 20, 2024 10:29 am

On June 18th, the welcome cocktail for the Fostering Resilient Crisis Management (FRCM) took place, welcoming focal points from the Caribbean Overseas Countries and Territories, disaster management representatives from various islands, the Netherlands and the European Union. The FRCM project funded by the European Union RESEMBID programme and implemented by VNG International, is in its final stage ending with a closing conference on Resilient Crisis Management. The FRCM Project is a staple project for disaster risk management. Through this collaboration, Government achieved the following results in the area of disaster risk management:

- Crisis Information Management: development of a net centric crisis information management system;

- Training and Education: Training of Trainers trainings for internal as well as external stakeholders;

- Operations and Procedures: development of Standard Operating Procedures for the EOC, including crisis escalation structure;

- Regional Coordination: regional crisis coordination and development of the handbook introduction to a Host Nation Support – Reception Departure Center

Through initiatives such as the FRCM project, the Government of St. Maarten continues to strengthen St. Maarten’s disaster risk management system. The overall objective is to anchor the long-term resilience and self-sufficiency of the Government of St. Maarten in the field of crisis management. Additional results of this partnership (SDG SDG 17: partnerships for the goals) also include: updated disaster related legislation, updated ESF sector plans, trainings and operational support along with a long-term training and exercise plan. This project was programmed through the department of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BAK) along with the National Disaster Coordinator (NDC). This project supports NDV pillar 3: A Safe, Secured, Decisive and Independent Nation – Goal(s):

- 18: National security measures improved national security measures are in place to protect the lives and safety of the people of St. Maarten (SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities);

- 19: The impact of climate change addressed (SDG 13: Climate Action).

The FRCM project forms part of the Resilience Portfolio of the RESEMBID programme. Government will continue to strive for a comprehensive and robust disaster management system.​