Final new plates to be designed and chosen by the public

June 3, 2022 2:30 pm

Ministry of Finance invites citizens to design the final 2023 license plates.

The Ministry of Finance invites the public to take part in creating and choosing the 2023 art for the Sint Maarten license plates. The need for yearly updated imagery will become obsolete with the introduction of the new QR Code system for vehicle registration. With that in mind, the Ministry is seeking persons with artistic talent to potentially have their visuals displayed on a piece of local iconography.

The theme for the competition is, ?A Lasting Sint Maarten?, since these will be the indefinite license plates. Ideally, the plates will reflect local culture, while keeping in mind, and being respectful of all demographics who will make use of them.

Those interested in participating may submit a piece to starting Wednesday, June 2 until 5:00pm on Wednesday, June 15. Subsequently, the submissions will be posted on the Ministry?s social media pages, and the 3 images accumulating the most likes will be judged by a panel. The winner will be announced on multiple media platforms during the first week of July and the plates will be unveiled the following year, as the shipment arrives.

The competition is free to enter, and open to all art-lovers on the island, aged 16 years and up. The rules will be clearly posted with all promotional material and can be found on the Ministry?s social media pages. They are as follows:

1. All entries must be original works, created by the artist.

2. Each entrant is limited to an individual work, except when submitted with a group.

a. An individual may submit ONE work created as a group, as well as their personal piece, but it must be clearly indicated in the email.

3. Contestants cannot withdraw the application before the closing date of the competition.

4. Late works will not be considered.

5. Any graphics used on the piece must have clear, bright colors for the sake of visibility.

6. Creations can be presented in any medium, if they are digitized; examples include, but are not limited to, drawing, photography, graphic design or painting.

7. Selected works cannot be withdrawn, or resubmitted, unless to correct sizing.

8. Submissions must be saved as JPEG, no smaller than 200 KB.

9. The art must fit into the dimensions of the plates. Motor vehicles, not being motorbikes: height 15 centimeters and width 30.5 centimeters; for motor bikes: height 10 centimeters and width 18 centimeters.

10. A short conceptual summary of the work must accompany the submission with no more than 300 words saved in PDF format.

Any person agreeing with the set rules can submit an entry. The campaign will be clearly visible throughout the media.

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