Execution of Payroll Support Plan in full progress

May 1, 2020 4:00 pm
As per April 30, 2020 time 11.30 am, 291 eligible employers with over 4770 employees registered their company online with SZV for online stimulus support. The deadline to apply is tomorrow May 1. Even though the new deadline will fall on May 1, though this is a national holiday, businesses will still be able to submit their documents online. As of next week, the review committee, which consists of one representative of the government, one representative on behalf of SZV and one independent representative. The review committee will follow up on the applications as needed, during and post-review. The payouts for stimulus support will then begin during the week of May 11th. Important deadlines The deadline to apply for Lockdown Payroll Support is May 22, 2020. The application form for Lockdown Payroll Support will be available in the first week of May via SZV's Employer Portal. For each month of the Payroll Support Program, employers are required to complete a separate application form. The deadline for May Payroll Support is May 22, 2020. The deadline for June Payroll Support is June 19, 2020 Government would like to remind the general public that the ideology for providing the assistance is based on assisting those most vulnerable in our society. Source: sintmaartengov.org