Draft Legislation for Crime Fund, presented to Minister of Justice, Lyndon Lewis

July 8, 2024 6:29 pm

The Ministry of Justice reached a significant milestone, as the Minister of Justice, Lyndon C. J. Lewis, was presented with the draft legislation for the Crime Fund. This development marks a crucial step towards modernizing and improving the management, supervision, and accountability of the Crime Fund, an area identified as lacking in the current, outdated legislation. This initiative is also a part of the broader country package measure aimed at enhancing the efficiency and oversight of the Crime Fund.

The draft legislation was prepared by a dedicated group of civil servants, who undertook this project as their final assignment to achieve certification as legislative lawyers, a program offered to them by the Caribbean Center for Legislation.

Minister Lewis expressed profound gratitude to the civil servants for their hard work and dedication. "This draft legislation is a testament to the commitment and expertise of our civil servants. It is a crucial step forward in ensuring that our Crime Fund is managed with the highest standards of accountability and efficiency," stated Minister Lewis

In addition to acknowledging the efforts of the local civil servants, Minister Lewis also congratulated their colleagues from Curaçao and Aruba, who collaborated on this important legislative project. "The joint effort and collaboration among our civil servants from different regions highlight the strength of our shared commitment to governance," Minister Lewis added.

The new draft legislation focuses on establishing a more robust framework for the management and supervision of the Crime Fund. Key elements include introducing rigorous checks and balances to ensure transparent and responsible management of funds, setting up an independent Advisory Committee, and implementing contemporary management strategies to optimize the effectiveness of the Crime Fund in funding projects with the objective of preventing and combating crime.
This comprehensive approach aims to address the shortcomings of the existing legislation and ensure that the Crime Fund serves its intended purpose more effectively.

The Minister Lewis emphasized the importance of this legislative advancement in strengthening the justice system and supporting the community. The next steps will involve further consultations and refinements before the draft is presented to parliament for approval.