Digital Filing, Timely Tax Assessments Top Finance Minister’s Talks with Tax Office

June 23, 2024 9:29 pm

The digital filing of documents and the urgent need for additional storage space, as well as the timely and efficient completion of tax assessments, were top of the agenda of talks Minister of Finance Marinka Gumbs held recently with Tax Office officials.

The Minister was given a tour of the Tax Office building during which she witnessed how the current accumulation of documents/boxes is negatively affecting the work environment. She assured the officials that she would seek a short-term solution to secure storage space for a year which will allow them to remove the boxes and improve the working environment.

However, Minister Gumbs stressed the need to update the law to implement digital archiving, ensuring that the system remains modern and efficient.

Other important topics the Minister discussed included the new tax system, staffing, filling of vacancies, number plates, stickers, and the tax building itself.

Minister Gumbs emphasized the timely and efficient completion of tax assessments while awaiting the implementation of the new tax system.​