DCOMM airs Special on Rental Tribunal

November 25, 2021 12:30 am

The Department of Communication will premiere a special information program of the impartial organization?Rental Tribunal (RT), formerly known as well by the name of Rent(al) Committee.

The program in summary provides valuable information about the rights and obligations of renters and owners, land or building owners and tenants, conducts research, and tries to solve conflicting issues by consensus of both parties involved, and making impartial, binding decisions on rental dispute situations.

DCOMM interviewed RT board member, Edward Jacobs, who provided insight and general information about the RT and the intricacies and procedures of the organization.

The DCOMM special provides the community with information on what is the Rental Tribunal, the main issues that the RT deals with on a regular basis, what are the rights and privileges of both the property renter and that of the tenant, what the responsibilities are of each, and what are the procedures when there is an issue between tenant and owner of the land or building or apartment, as well as preventive measures to take to avoid disputes.

The more that both the tenant and the renter knows about the topic, how to operate within their obligations, the better. By providing this type of information, which is timely, seeing the times we are in, there will be more of an understanding of the topic and how persons should go about dealing with disputes.

Many issues, the most important issues will be dealt with, and the viewer can get firsthand information on the subject.

The program will be uploaded to the Government of St Maarten Facebook/SXMGOV and YouTube Channel/Government of Sint Maarten.

The date and time of the premiere will be on Thursday, November 25, 2021, at 7pm.

Source: sintmaartengov.org