May 8, 2020 12:30 am
~ May 10th deadline to qualify for April payment ~ The Ministry of Finance would like to remind you that there is COVID-19 Unemployment Support for those that have lost their job due to the current pandemic brought on by COVID-19. The Unemployment Support Program will pay ANG. 1,150 per month to qualifying individuals. In order to qualify, you must fit the following criteria: · You must have been working on the Dutch Side of Sint Maarten where you became unemployed because of COVID-19. · You can prove the unemployment status as a result of COVID-19. · You have a valid local bank account number. In order to receive continued support, applicants must submit their documents and an application form. If you believe you are eligible for COVID-19 Unemployment Support, please submit the following documents to · A completed COVID-19 Unemployment Support Application Online Form. · Upload a copy of your valid passport/ID. · Upload your ORIGINAL Dismissal Letter (On Company letterhead with Company Stamp and Crib Number) · Upload your last payslip (Must contain applicants ID and/or Crib Number and Employers Crib Number). Applications for unemployment support have been open as of April 24, 2020, to qualify for payment for April. Applications can be submitted up until May 10, 2020, to qualify for April 2020 payment. You need only apply once to continue receiving support for a maximum of three months. After your application has been reviewed and approved, you can expect payment on the last Friday of the month. Please visit the official stimulus website for all information and updates. There is also a helpdesk available for all of your inquiries, the official SSRP website can be accessed at Source: