Council of Ministers receives presentation on Dutch Caribbean Coastguard role and responsibilities

September 7, 2021 2:00 pm

On Thursday, September 2, the Council of Ministers was paid a visit by the Dutch Caribbean Coastguard (DCCG) who rendered an introductory presentation. This comes as a result of Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs? visit to the Dutch Caribbean Coastguard during its recruitment day in March 2021. Commander of the Dutch Forces in the Caribbean, Director of the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard and Commander of the Component Task Group, Brigadier General Frank Boots, was personally present to provide elucidation on, among others, the structure of the Royal Netherlands Navy and the constitutional tasks of the Netherlands Armed Forces in the Caribbean to protect, enhance and support the islands. Also present in the meeting were Captain Mr. R. Levenstone, Major Noordam, Adjudant Lieutenant Goedhart and spokesperson Ms. S. Clement.

In their supporting role to civil authorities in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, support is provided in the areas of security, public and legal order, disasters and accidents, and support to the Coast Guard. The presentation was concluded with a more detailed focus on the DCCG itself, its future developments and their current operational events on the island. According to Brigadier General Boots, the DCCG should be considered as the maritime security and safety partner in the Caribbean area and is there for the Dutch Caribbean when in need. Further discussions will take place to be more cohesive with Government and other justice-related entities on St. Maarten. The year report 2020 and year plan 2021 were also part of the documentation received.