Council of Ministers Commends Unity Among Unions

June 25, 2020 2:00 pm
The Government of St. Maarten has been informed of a series of manifestations that have been ongoing this week. Permission for these manifestations was requested and they have been granted. The government was also informed concerning the willingness of union members to partake in these meetings and manifestations. During the past two days, Prime Minister Jacobs responded to two emails received in relation to the manifestations, including requesting a meeting to follow up and clarify any pending questions. Prime Minister Jacobs commends the unity being displayed by the workers across the board. In an invited comment she stated, "It is good to see that the people of St. Maarten can stand and have manifestations in a peaceful manner, also taking into consideration the current health situation while maintaining proper social distancing." In the various meetings between the Council of Ministers and the unions that are included with the WICLU, it was made clear that the unions are in solidarity with the challenges we as Caribbean countries in the Dutch Kingdom have been facing over several years. These sentiments come amidst the conditions that are being imposed by the Kingdom Government for liquidity support in this COVID-19 reality, whereby, economies around the world have been negatively affected. Due to further actions continuing, the organization is assessing all correspondence and minutes to ensure that all questions asked in writing, duly receive a response in writing. In responding to notification of manifestations, Prime Minister Jacobs responded, "I hope that the information could be disseminated in a more timely fashion so that proper planning could be made in the event that persons would be negatively impacted. I have requested a meeting with the unions and look forward to further dialogue. I believe dialogue is one of the ways in which together we can provide clarity and come to solutions that would see all hands on deck," concluded Prime Minister Jacobs. Source: