Compliance with recommendations to Justice Ministry

September 27, 2021 12:30 am
On Friday September 17, 2021 the Ministry of Justice held a meeting with the Department Heads and Management of the different organization within the Ministry. In this meeting the SG and the Department of Judicial Affairs addressed the recommendations of the Law Enforcement Council, Progress Committee and Integrity Chamber. Since 2011 the Law Enforcement Council and Progress Committee have been making recommendations to the Ministry of Justice and the different departments within the Ministry for structurally improvements. More recently, the Integrity Chamber also made several recommendations to each Ministry. The recommendations of these three entities regard making improvements on numerous of levels such as legislation, budget, policies, work processes, collaboration between the different stakeholders, human resources, ICT and management. The Ministry of Justice highly values the recommendations made and realizes that complying to these recommendations is paramount to make structural improvements to the chain of law enforcement. But for several reasons the compliance to these recommendations have been relatively low since 2011. Minister Anna E. Richardson is determined to take a more active approach in complying to these recommendations. The Ministry will do an in-depth assessment of the recommendations and will discuss the pending recommendations with the different departments. This assessment will provide more insight on which recommendations can be complied to in the short term and what is needed to comply to the remaining recommendations in the long term. The Law Enforcement Council, Progress Committee and Integrity Chamber will be regularly updated on the progresses that are being made. Source: