COM receives presentation on Disaster Management Structure, Roles and Responsibilities

August 30, 2021 4:30 pm

On Thursday, August 26, the country?s disaster management officials made a presentation to members of the Council of Ministers (COM) concerning the structure of the disaster management system, the role of the Prime Minister and responsibilities of the ministers.

The presentation was given by Disaster Management Coordinator and Fire Chief Clive Richardson, Section Head Disaster Management Paul Martens, and Emergency Support Function (ESF) 9 Governmental Affairs representative Angelique Gumbs.

The COM presentation included the following: disaster definition; types of disasters; legislation; role of ministers;

disaster management system; command structure; role of the prime minister; Emergency Support Function (ESF) groups and their tasks.

The ministers were informed about the three ordinances and legal instruments of legislation that govern the country?s disaster management system, namely, the national ordinance disaster management; the national decree containing general measures disaster management; and the national ordinance state of emergency.

The disaster management organization is subdivided into three levels: Operational (On Scene Command COPI); Tactical (ESF groups); Strategic (Emergency Operations Center EOC).

The Prime Minister and Chairlady of the EOC, Hon. Silveria Jacobs reminds the population to remain vigilant as we are now in the peak of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season, be prepared at all times to take action, and monitor official reports regarding tropical weather systems from Government authorized broadcasts.

PHOTO: L to R: Paul Martens, Clive Richardson and Angelique Gumbs.