COM of St. Maarten offers deepest condolences on the passing of Acting Governor Reynoldt Groeneveldt

May 27, 2022 4:31 pm

The Council of Ministers (COM) was deeply shocked and saddened upon learning of the passing of the Acting Governor Reynoldt Groeneveldt, who served the country for the past 12 years in this capacity.

The country has indeed lost another giant; one who has served as a civil servant in the Island Territory of St. Maarten for many years, before becoming a lawyer and contributing in service to his clients and the country in that capacity.

Prime Minister Hon. Silveria Jacobs: ?On behalf of the Council of Ministers, I extend heartfelt condolences to the family and pray that grace and mercy covers all who are left to mourn.

?Mr. Groeneveldt?s great example of dedication and service to his family and this country should serve as an example for all other citizens of St. Maarten. May we all live to be dearly loved and appreciated by our families, and make an impact on our people, our livelihood, on St. Maarten.?

As a dignitary of the country, the flags will fly at half-mast at government buildings tomorrow (Wednesday) and on the day of internment in honor of his life. Acting Governor Reynoldt Groeneveldt was an example of a humble servant of the people, always willing to assist, give advice to individuals as well as government. Mr. Groeneveldt also kept the people of St. Maarten informed via various media forums.

His contribution to the development of St. Maarten and her people both during the days of Island Territory, as well as the first Acting Governor of St. Maarten since Oct 10, 2010 has not gone unnoticed and will be revered and memorialized throughout history.

On behalf of the Council of Ministers and people of St. Maarten, we offer deepest condolences and heartfelt prayers for strength to endure these difficult days ahead to his widow, Mrs. Glenda Groeneveldt-Smith, the entire family circle, and the people of St. Maarten as we mourn the loss of a great man.