July 4, 2022 3:00 pm

The Division Study Financing organizes preparatory workshops for study financing recipients who will pursuing their studies in the Netherlands

Division Study Financing (DSF) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, will be organizing a week-long series workshops and information sessions. During these sessions, students will receive important information, skills, tips, tools and techniques aimed at making the transition into Dutch society, culture and higher education more manageable. Experiences and various studies have identified numerous challenges that students from the Caribbean Netherlands encounter when pursuing their studies in the Netherlands. Therefore, students? participation in these workshops is mandatory. Important topics will be covered to orient and prepare students regarding the lifestyle, culture, academics, accountability, finances, guidance and the study financing requirements as well as, what to expect in Dutch tertiary level education.

"The objective of the Preparatory Workshops is to prepare improve our students? chances for academic success in the Netherlands by providing information and resources that will facilitate a smooth transition from St. Maarten to the Netherlands and allow students to make informed and appropriate academic plans and healthy social choices.

Division Study Financing has partnered with Ms. Jacqueline Louis, CEO of IMBRACE and a dynamic team of educators, professionals, and specialists in various disciplines who have studied and worked in the Netherlands, including several current and former study financing recipients..

In the effort to provide a framework for the students' overall success, the Preparatory Workshops will comprised of interactive, hands-on sessions, geared towards the psycho-social emotional preparation, communication, social skills, adjusting to Dutch norms and values while touching on a vast realm of topics. Some of the important topics that will be covered are:

Mental Health and Wellness, Test Anxiety, Adjusting expectations, Dutch Study Culture, Lifestyles in SXM vs. NL, Survival Skills, Dutch Rights & Obligations, Strategies for Academic Success, Do's Don'ts & Dangers of Life in the NL, Goal Setting & Self-Management, Home life Maintenance, among others.

The Workshops will be held from Monday, July 4, through Friday, July 8, from 9 AM - 4PM and rotated between the Government Administration Building and University of St. Martin.

We would like to make use of this opportunity to remind all parents and guardians of minors who will be travelling to the Netherlands, that these students must have a Court of Guardianship appointed legal guardian in the Netherlands.

The deadline for students traveling to the Netherlands to complete the study financing activation process is July 15,2022. This procedure is outlined on our website: studyfinancing-sxm.com/study-financing-recipients/procedures/activate-study-financing/

For more information, please contact: the Study Financing Officer for the Netherlands Ms. Micaela Hart at (721) 527-3840, or e-mail micaela.hart@sintmaartengov.org or info@studyfinancing.sx

Source: sintmaartengov.org