Denied SSRP support can be appealed

June 24, 2020 2:00 pm
Substantiation as to why decisions should be overturned necessary The Government of Sint Maarten would like to remind the public that their denied applications for SSRP can be appealed with the executing bodies. SZV is the executing authority for the Business Payroll Support. Employers who have been denied payroll or lockdown support can submit their appeal via the SZV employer portal. Valid proof must be provided to substantiate the initial decision being overturned. SMDF is the executing authority for Income Support for Sole Proprietors, Vendor License Holders, Bus and Independent Taxi and Tour Drivers. They are also executing the COVID-19 Unemployment Support. In order to appeal a denied application, email Valid proof must also be provided as to why the decision should be overturned. For all official information regarding the SSRP, please visit the official website at Source: