Final Inspection of School Busses Underway until July 10

July 2, 2020 2:00 am
The Inspectorate of the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (Ministry TEATT), informs all school bus operators who have not yet submitted their school buses for inspection, that a final inspection period which commenced on June 29 will continue up to and including July 10, 2020. This inspection will cover all routine electrical and mechanical aspects of the school bus that contribute to the safe operation of the motor vehicle and the safety of its occupants. The inspection covers more than 25 points on the school bus (inside, outside and hygiene/COVID-19 guidelines). Available seating capacity on the school bus has been increased to 50% (driver included) however, a mask, face covering, or face shield is still required to be worn on the bus by passengers and drivers alike. Seats, where passengers are permitted to sit, must be visibly marked. The bus must also have hand sanitizers installed and available at all times during operations. School bus drivers are required to sanitize their school bus after every trip. It is not permitted to transport non-student passengers on the school bus. Lastly, all bus operators/drivers must have valid documents for their bus(es) and business. This includes a valid driver's license, current Chamber of Commerce registration, business license, proof of valid motor vehicle inspection (if it is a business your license must also be presented). The department would like to make it known that no exceptions will be made for school bus operators who are found not to be in compliance. Those operators who fail to report for inspection within the aforementioned period or do not rectify any non-compliances before the beginning of classes will not be eligible to operate. In order to schedule your inspection please contact the department at 542-5641/520-4064 or to make an appointment. Walk-ins are not accepted. Source: