VMT to host Pop-up Vaccination in St. Peters on Saturday at the Jose Lake Ballpark

June 18, 2021 10:31 pm

The Vaccination Management Team (VMT) encourages everyone who hasn't received their vaccination yet to come to the vaccination Pop-Up at the Jose Lake Ballpark on Saturday, June 19th, between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM or until the supply lasts.

All the persons who received their first dose three weeks ago, are invited to come for their second dose, but first doses are also given to all who wishes to be vaccinated.

The VMT is pleased to see a steady 150 to 200 persons every day walking in for their first dose but emphasizes that we still have a long way to go to reach herd immunity and to go back to normalcy. The VMT says that the country is currently at 46% while we need to get to 85%. Only when we reach that level can life return to normal again, which means easing COVID-19

restrictions, unrestricted travel, economic recovery (more jobs), and celebratory events such as Jump-ups and Carnival.

Additionally, the mass vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine will stop on July 31st, meaning that July 9th will be the last day you can come for your first dose and then to get your second dose three weeks later.

Vaccination will always be a personal choice, but every choice has consequences. The world around us, is changing. So, when you choose not to get vaccinated, you endanger the health of others and put the future of our island at risk. However, with your choice to take the vaccine, you reduce the chance of infection and infecting others by 95%.

1.4 billion people worldwide have taken the vaccine, which is scientifically proven to be safe. Your choice is also a social one, as the future of our island depends on it. The VMT encourages everyone to not only get vaccinated but also encourage others to do so.

Inquire if people in your social circle are vaccinated and try to spread correct information instead of fake news. Offer to drive and accompany someone to a vaccination location. We are stronger together, and we can only reach our goal collectively. Persons who wish to volunteer with the outreach campaign can send an email to mrichards1130@gmail.com, and organizations who wish to organize an information session can email bvdmeijden@whiteyellowcross.org.

Lastly, the VMT also encourages local businesses to stand up and promote vaccination, not only to their staff but the general public. Getting our country sufficiently protected against the COVID-19 virus and variants is in everyone's best interest.

The VMT encourages everyone to join the movement, become creative, and do whatever they can to promote our Drive to 85! We have to do it together.

Sint Maarten Protected Together.

Source: sintmaartengov.org