Tourism Sector and Business Community Reminded to Be Prepared for the Busy 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season

September 1, 2020 1:00 pm
PHILIPSBURG -- National Disaster Coordination and Fire Chief Clive Richardson on Monday, reminded the business community and the tourism sector to be prepared as the country has just entered the peak period of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. The Office of Disaster Management (ODM) is advising the country's tourism sector and business community, to review hurricane season preparatory plans. The peak period of the season runs from August 15 through October 15. The tourism sector, business community, and also residents are advised to pay keen attention to weather reports with special focus on the Eastern Atlantic Ocean where tropical weather systems that form off the African Coast (Cabo Verde Islands) can become a serious threat to the Eastern Caribbean island chain. National Disaster Coordinator Richardson said all stakeholders need to be alert and vigilant by paying attention to weather reports over the coming weeks. At this stage of the hurricane season, tourism-oriented businesses including vacation rental management companies should have plans already in place in the event of a hurricane strike. By having a hurricane plan in place, the business will be able to recover more quickly. The prevention of the loss of life of our visitors and staff along with protecting property from damage is the responsibility of every business owner. The engine of the economy is based on every single business operation on the island having a plan in place to protect their business and re-open once the all-clear has been given.  Each one plays a very important role in the country's tourism-oriented service economy. Now is the time for the business community in its entirety as well as residents to review what preparations they have in place, and don't wait until a storm is about to hit the country to rush preparations. For general information about preparing prior to a storm/hurricane strike, visit the Government website: where you will be able to download your 'Hurricane Season Readiness Guide' and 'Hurricane Tracking Chart'. Listen to the Government Radio station 107.9FM - for official information and news before, during and after a hurricane.  For official weather-related information, check out the website of the Meteorological Department of St. Maarten (MDS): Remember, it only takes one hurricane to make it a bad season.  Are You Ready? Be prepared for this hurricane season! The hurricane season runs through November 30. Source: