Dutch St. Maarten Reopens To US Visitors, French St. Martin Remains Closed

August 3, 2020 6:30 pm
GREAT BAY -- St. Maarten continues with plans to reopen today, August 1st, to the U.S. Market. Considering this, a decision has been made by Madam Préfète Sylvie Feucher to close the French-Dutch Border as per July 31st, at noon. The French-Dutch internal borders are being controlled; however, for work and other medical reasons, persons will be allowed to cross the border to French Saint Martin with proper documentation. This means U.S. visitors are not permitted entry to the French side of the island. Our U.S. visitors are therefore invited to enjoy the southern part of this unique two-nation destination. St. Maarten assures that the health of the citizens and visitors is of top priority. Thus, the necessary precautionary measures have been put in place, allowing our visitors to experience and explore the various excursions, tours, restaurants, and food places safely. For further information, the latest news on COVID-19 and Travel Restrictions, please visit www.vacationstmaarten.com and follow the link which takes you to www.stmaartenupdates.com. Source: sintmaartengov.org