First Week Dutch Television Crew on Sint Maarten; TV Program is Going to be Beautiful

June 26, 2023 2:32 pm

CUPECOY SINT MAARTEN, JUNE 24TH, 2023: Filming the two editions of the “Life is Beautiful” programs for the Dutch television network RTL started last weekend. The crew arrived at Princess Juliana International Airport on Friday, June 16th, and were shown around the island by their hosts Katrien Snoep Festen and Hans Festen of Hevesta Sint Maarten BV.

“Monday, June 19th the crew went on a tour with the Sint Maarten Tourist Bureau, led by Mr. William Bell, and filmed items to showcase the tourist destination side of the island”, Claudia Gatland of Life is Beautiful stated. She continues “Life is Beautiful will show Sint Maarten as a travel destination, but also as a Second Home destination. Hevesta Sint Maarten BV has a collaboration with Actal Lawfirm and Tax specialists from Rotterdam. They will be featured in the program explaining the tax benefits of owning a second home in Sint Maarten for Dutch citizens and especially Dutch pensioners. We therefore also feature companies on Sint Maarten who specialize in managing vacation homes, building, designing, securing, and maintaining a second home”.

Snoep Festen had a sneak peek of the first footage filmed over the weekend. “The island is such a beautiful place. We sometimes forget how beautiful it is. We are reminded of such when we are showing family, friends, or even a television crew around” she states. “Although the planning for the remaining days is tight, we do have a few slots left of 1 or 2 minutes in the program”, Gatland added. The crew is leaving the island on June 28th. The two editions of “Life is Beautiful” will be aired on Dutch television and on the streaming network Videoland starting August 2023. “We enjoyed our stay at the Sapphire Beach Club and on the island tremendously. We want to thank all the people we had a chance to talk to. We sincerely hope to be back to film more specials about the island”, Gatland concluded. To be part of the program or for more information, you can contact Claudia Gatland at